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We are pleased to announce that after rigorous peer review, the following papers have been accepted for podium presentation as well as inclusion in the conference proceedings.

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ID Paper Title Authors
0010 The Development of Intelligent Frame-Culvert Graph Drawing System Based on Teigha Platform Long Hao, Zhi Liu, Jun Li
0050 Amplitude Distribution of Emission Wave for Cracking Process Shahiron Shahidan, Sharifah Salwa Mohd Zuki, Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim, Noorwirdawati Ali, Noridah Mohamad
0080 Finite Element Analysis of Lateral Torsional Buckling Behaviour of Tapered Steel Section with Perforation Faiz Azar, Fatimah De’nan , Choong Kok Keong and Nurfarhah Naaim
0090 Flexural toughness of ring-shaped waste bottle fiber concrete S.K. Faisal, J.M. Irwan, N. Othman, Wan Ibrahim M.H
0120 Non-destructive Concrete Strength Evaluation using PZT Based Surface Wave Propagation Technique – A comparative study Kok Zee Kwong, Yee Yan Lim, Willey Yun Hsien Liew
0160 An Orthotropic Membrane Model for The Large Deformation Analysis and Snapping Phenomena of the Dome Inflated Shohei Yamada, Katsushi Ijima, Hiroyuki Obiya, Muhammad Nizam Zakaria
0180 Fresh State and Mechanical Properties of Self Compacting Concrete Incorporating High Volume Fly Ash N. Mohamad, M.S. Zulaika, A.A.A. Samad, W. I. Goh, J. Hadipramana, A. Wirdawati
0360 The Influence on the Adherence of Mortar Coating with the Addition of Mineral Residue Andreza K. C. Nóbrega, Maria das Vitórias V. A. de Sá, Rísia A. Araújo
0410 Strength of Concrete Containing Rubber Particle As Partial Cement Replacement Siti Radziah Abdullah, Wan Raziman Wan Zainal Abidin, Shahiron Shahidan
0420 The Effect of Textile Fine Grained Mortar Layers on Reinforced Concrete Beam Wan Yuslinda Wan Yusof, Suraya Hani Adnan, Zalipah Jamellodin, Norwati Jamaluddin, Noor Shuhada Mohammad
0480 Fresh Properties and Flexural Strength of Self-Compacting Concrete Integrating Coal Bottom Ash Norwati Jamaluddin, Ahmad Farhan Hamzah, Mohd Haziman Wan Ibrahim, Ramadhansyah Putra Jaya, Mohd Fadzil Arshad, Norul Ernida Zainal Abidin, Nurol Huda Dahalan
0510 A Numerical Case Study on Contact Analysis with Large Displacement A.Yamasaki, H.Obiya, K.Ijima, Z.M.Nizam
0520 Multi-Scale Bridge Wash Out Simulation During Tsunami By Using A Particle Method Yoshiya Miyagawa, Mitsuteru Asai
0530 A Modified Boundary Treatment in the Incompressible SPH for Accurate Pressure Calculation on the Solid Boundary Nur`Ain Idris, Mitsuteru Asai, Yoshimi Sonoda
0560 Impact Resistance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Single and Hybrid Fibers Sallehan Ismail, Mahyuddin Ramli
0700 Average Frequency – RA Value For Reinforced Concrete Beam Strengthened With Carbon Fibre Sheet M.Z Mohamad, N. Md Noor, and W.N.A. Wan Ahmad
0720 Identification of Dynamic Characteristics of Bridge Crossing Sungai Simpang Kiri Using Free Vibration Analysis Siti Mas Ayu Mat Yusoff, Sherliza Zaini Sooria, Ahmad Fahmy Kamarudin, Koh Heng Boon
0730 Ambient Vibration Test on Reinforced Concrete Bridges Nurul Shazwin Binti Idris, Koh Heng Boon, Ahmad Fahmy Kamarudin, Sherliza Zaini Sooria
0750 The Potential of Artificial Polyethylene Coarse Aggregate (APECA) on Compressive Strength of Concrete After Exposed By Temperatures Shahrul Niza Mokhatar, Josef Hadipramana, Siti Nurhidayah Mohd. Isa and Mohamed Muftah Mustafa
0760 Production of Controlled Low Strength Material Utilizing Waste Paper Sludge Ash and Recycled Aggregate Concrete Azmi A.N, M.A. Fauzi, Md Nor, Ridzuan A.R.M, Arshad M.F
0800 Potential Effects of Corrosion Damage On The Performance of Reinforced Concrete Member Hamidun Mohd Noh, Yoshimi Sonoda
0820 The Morphology of Electrospun Titanium Dioxide Nanofibers and Its Influencing Factors Zi Sheng Tang, Nurmin Bolong, Ismail Saad and Janice Lynn Ayog
0830 Physical and Mechanical Properties of Compressed Earth Brick (CEB) Containing Sugarcane Bagasse Ash Noorwirdawati Ali, Nurul Aini Zainal, Mohd Khairy Burhanudin, Abdul Aziz Abdul Samad, Noridah Mohamad, Shahiron Shahidan, Siti Radziah Abdullah
0840 Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Box Beam Strengthened with CFRP U-wrap Strips under Torsion Shengqiang Ma, N. Muhamad Bunnori, Kok Keong Choong
0850 Evaluation of Ultimate Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with FRP Sheets under Torsion Shengqiang Ma, N. Muhamad Bunnori and Kok Keong Choong
0870 Identification of bacteria and the effect on compressive strength of concrete L.H.Anneza, J.M.Irwan, N.Othman, A.Faisal Alshalif
0900 Optimum Shapes and Sizes on Torsion Behaviour of I-Beam with Web Opening De’nan Fatimah, Hashim Nor Salwani
1000 Effect of Large Negative Phase of Blast Loading on Structural Response of RC Elements Zubair Imam Syed, Priyan Mendis, Shaikh Atikur Rahman
1080 Tensile Properties of Treated and Untreated Paddy Straw Fiber using Sodium Hydroxide strengthened with Polypropylene Resin Masni A Majid, Mimi Attahirah Mohd Hishammudin, Noor Azlina Abd Hamid, Zalipah Jamellodin, Norhafizah Salleh
1100 Lightweight Concrete using Oil Palm Boiler Clinker (OPBC) – A Review Herry Hartono, Lee Jin Chai, B.C.T. Lee
1140 Experimental Strength of Single-Lap Hybrid Joints on Woven Fabric Kenaf Fiber Composites under Quasi Static Condition Lee Sim Yee, Hilton Ahmad
1200 Prestress Loss and Bending Capacity of Pre-cracked 40 Year-Old PC Beams Exposed to Marine Environment Dasar, Rita Irmawaty, Hidenori Hamada, Yasutaka Sagawa and Daisuke Yamamoto
1260 The Effect of Lime Addition on the Setting Time and Strength of Ambient Cured Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Binder Andi Arham Adam, Nur Hayati Amiri,I Wayan Suarnita, and Nicodemus Rupang
1390 A Comparison of Temporal Integration Algorithms In Positional Based Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Trusses João Paulo de Barros Cavalcante, Daniel Nelson Maciel, Marcelo Greco and Ada Cristina Scudelari
1400 The Spalling of Geopolymer High Strength Concrete Wall Panels and Cylinders under Hydrocarbon Fire Ahmad Zurisman Mohd Ali and Jay Sanjayan
1410 Strength development and water permeability of engineered biomass aggregate pervious concrete Shahiron Shahidan, Koh Heng Boon, Abdul Malek Sharif Alansi, Lee Yee Loon
1420 A Review on Waste Minimization by Adopting in Self Compacting Concrete Shahiron Shahidan, Isham Ismail, Norwati Jamaludin
1440 Study on Chloride Ion Penetration Resistance of Rubberized Concrete under Steady State Condition Nurazuwa Md Noor, Daisuke Yamamoto, Hidenori Hamada, Yasutaka Sagawa
1450 An Experimental Study on Mitigating Alkali Silica Reaction By Using Fly Ash (FA) in Combination with Silica Fume (SF), and Expanded Perlite Powder (EPP) Mohd Isneini, Yasutaka Sagawa, Hidenori Hamada, Daisuke Yamamoto
1460 Effect of Pelletized Coconut Fibre Aggregate on the Compressive Strength of Foamed Concrete Zainorizuan Mohd Jaini, Shahrul Niza Mokhatar, Ammar Saifuddin Mohd Yusof, Syurafarina Zulkiply
1470 Experimental Study on Impact Load Resistance of RC Beam with Corroded Reinforcement Isao Kuwahara, Hiroki Tamai, Yoshimi Sonoda
1520 Isolation of sulphate reduction bacteria (SRB) to improve compressive strength and water penetration of bio-concrete A.Faisal Alshalif, J.M.Irwan, N.Othman and L.H.Anneza
1530 A review on Interlocking Compressed Earth Blocks (ICEB) with addition of bacteria J.M Irwan, M.M Zamer and N. Othman
0020 Relationship of Physical Parameters in Pb-Contaminated Soil by Stabilization / Solidification Method Saiful Azhar Ahmad Tajudin, Mohamad Azim Mohammad Azmi, Shahiron Shahidan, Mohd Hazreek Zainal Abidin, Aziman Madun
0070 Soil Plasticity Model For Analysis of Collapse Load on Layers Soil Masyitah Md Nujid and Mohd Raihan Taha
0140 Evaluation of the Permanent Deformations and Aging Conditions of BatuPahat Soft Clay-modified Asphalt Mixture by Using a Dynamic Creep Test A.M. Al Allam, M.I.M. Masirin, M.E. Abdullah, A.S. Bader
0230 Gender Differences in Pedestrian Perception and Satisfaction on the Walkability of Kuala Lumpur City Center Ahmad Kamil Arshad, Noor Iza Bahari, Wardati Hashim, Abdul Halim A.G
0250 Pavement Response to Variable Tyre Pressure of Heavy Vehicles Ahmad Kamil Arshad, Hairol Anuar Haron, Zanariah Abd Rahman and Abdul Halim AG
0330 Estimate of Small Strain Stiffness and Damping Ratio in Residual Soil Using Spectral Analysis of Surface Wave Method Nor Faizah Bawadi, Khairul Anuar Mohd Nayan, Mohd Raihan Taha, Noor Adila Omar
0370 Modeling Zero–Inflated Regression of Road Accidents at Johor Federal Road F001 Joewono Prasetijo, W Zahidah Musa
0400 Development of Continuous Speed Profile using GPS at Johor Federal Roads F0050 Joewono Prasetijo, Zaffan Farhana Zainal
0440 Train Dwell Time Models for Rail Passenger Service Hor Peay San, Mohd Idrus Mohd Masirin
0540 Influence of Agricultural Wastes on Shear Strength Properties of Soil Nik Daud Nik Norsyahariati, Abdul Jalil Falil Nisa, Muhamed Abubakar Sadiq, Abd Ghafar Azmi Juliana
0580 A Coupling Simulation Between Soil Scour and Seepage Flow By Using Stabilized ISPH Method Tomotaka Nogami, Mitsuteru Asai, Kiyonobu Kasama, Taro Arikawa
0590 Structural Equation Modelling in Behavioral Intention to Use Safety Helmet Reminder System Naida Rosli, Kamarudin Ambak, Basil David Daniel, Mohd Erwan Sanik
0770 Characteristics and Thermal Behaviour of Low Rank Malaysian Coals towards Liquefaction Performance via Thermogravimetric Analysis M.A.M. Ishak, K. Ismail, W.I. Nawawi, Ali H. Jawad, M.F. Abdullah, N.N. Kasim and A.Y. Ani
0860 Behavioral Intention to Use Public Transport Based on Theory of Planned Behavior Kamarudin Ambak, Kanesh Kumar Kasvar, Basil David Daniel, Joewono Prasetijo and Ahmad Raqib Abd Ghani
0930 Road Accident Analysis: A Case Study of Federal Route FT024 Yong Peng – Parit Sulong Mohd Idrus Mohd Masirin, Walid A. Al Bargi, Joewono Prasetijo, Basil David Daniel
0990 Investigation of Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid migration in Single and Double-Porosity Soil Using Light Transmission Visualization Method (LTV) Motasem Y. D. Alaziaza, Su Kong Ngien, Mustafa M. Bob, Samira A. Kamaruddin, Wan Mohd Faizal Ishak
1160 Pedestrian Footpath Level of Service (FOOT-LOS) Model for Johor Bahru Basil David Daniel, Siti Naquiyah Mohamad Nor, Munzilah Md Rohani, Joewono Prasetijo, Mohamad Yusri Aman and Kamarudin Ambak
1290 The Study of Soil-roots Strength Performance by using Pennisetum Setaceum Grass Nor Azizi Yusoff, Mohamad Fazrin Mohamad Fauzi and Muhamad Firdaurs Abdullah
1340 Systems Dynamic Approach in Development of Infrastructure in Entikong, Border Regions Indonesia – Malaysia Ilyas Tommy, Dinariana Dwi, Suryani Fitri and Henni
0150 Assessment Framework of Building Façade in Optimizing Indoor Thermal Comfort of Green Building Index (GBI) Certified Office Building Asniza Hamimi Abdul Tharim, Muna Hanim Abdul Samad
0450 Maintenance of Heritage Building: A Case Study from Ipoh, Malaysia Seing Yeow Tan, Abdullateef Olanrewaju and Lim Tat Lee
0460 Rethinking Affordable Housing Delivery: An Analytical Insight Abdullateef Olanrewaju, Seow Yeow Tan, Lee Lim Tat
0810 Determining the Technical Competencies of Construction Managers in the Malaysian Construction Industry Hairuddin Mohammad, Siti Khalijah Yaman, Fadzil Hassan and Zulhabri Ismail
1230 Assessment of Outdoor Thermal Comfort and Wind Characteristics at Three Different Locations in Peninsular Malaysia Mohd Hafizal Hanipah, Abd Halid Abdullah, Nor Azwadi Che Sidik, Riduan Yunus, Mohd Norazam Yasin and Muhammad Noor Afiq Witri Muhammad Yazid
1250 Evaluation of Visual Comfort in Engineering Education Noor Dina Md Amin, Wahid Razzaly and Zainal Abidin Akasah
1380 Knowledge-based Energy Damage Model for Evaluating Industrialised Building SYstems (IBS) Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Risk Nor Haslinda Abas, Nick Blismas and Helen Lingard
1430 Drivers to Enhance ICT Employment in IBS Production Process Management in the Construction Industry Peniel Ang Soon Ern, Narimah Kasim and Goh Kai Chen
1510 Accidents Preventive Practice for High-Rise Construction Kai Chen Goh, Hui Hwang Goh, Mohd Faizal Omar, Tien Choon Toh, Abdullah Asuhaimi Mohd Zin
2000 A Review on Industrialised Building System Issues in Malaysia Farah Deba Ayeop Abdul Khalil, Farah Nora Aznieta Abd Aziz, Salihuddin Hassim and Mohd Saleh Jaafar
0100 Experimental And Computational Investigations Of Baffle Location Effect On The Performance Of Oil And Water Separator Tanks Rozi Abdullah, Haitham A. Hussein, Md Azlin Md Said
0130 Removal of Iron and Manganese Using Cascade Aerator and Limestone Roughing Filter Azrin Mohd Sanusi , Mohd Nordin Adlan, Mohd Remy Rozainy M.A.and Rhahimi Jamil
0260 Assessing Temporal And Spatial Variability Of Algal Bloom In Three Gorges Reservoir Using An Extended Wasp Model Li Jian, Qin Xiaosheng, Chen Min
0280 Optimization of sorption parameters for color removal of textile dye by cross-linked chitosan beads using Box–Behnken design Ali H. Jawad, Nur Shazwani Abdul Mubarak, W.I. Nawawi
0290 Pleurotus Spent Mushroom Compost As Green Supplementary Nutrient in Tissue Culture Chia Chay Tay, Mohamad Shariman Shaari, Wan Nurul Hidayah Wan Anuar, Saiyidah Nafisah Hashim
0300 Performance of Spent Mushroom Farming Waste (SMFW) Activated Carbon Ni(II) Removal Nurul Shuhada Md Desa, Zaidi Ab Ghani, Suhaimi Abdul Talib, Chia Chay Tay
0350 Low Thermal Pretreatment As Method For Increasing The Bioavailability Of Organic Matters In Domestic Mixed Sludge Roslinda Seswoya, Ahmad Tarmizi Abdul Karim
0470 Tackling Carbon Emission With Nature: Effectiveness Of Indigenous Microalgae Mixed Culture M. Nazry Chik, Liyana Yahya , Afifi Zainal, Kamrul F. Kamarudin, Ding. G Tao, M. Sobri Takriff
0610 Steam-Enhanced Extraction Experiments, Simulations And Field Studies For Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Removal: A Review Nor Asni Azizan, Samira Albati Kamaruddin, And Shreeshivadasan Chelliapan
0630 Isolation And Characterization Of Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) From Rice Husk (RH) Zuliahani Ahmad, Nurul Nadhirah Roziaizan, Rozyanty Rahman, Ahmad Faiza Mohamad, Wan Izhan Nawawi Wan Ismail
0640 A Monitoring of Air Pollutants (CO, SO2 and NO) in Ambient Air Near an Industrial Area Radin Maya Saphira Radin Mohamed, Ahmad Faizol Hakim Abd Rahim and Amir Hashim Mohd. Kassim
0650 Photocatalytic Study of New Immobilized TiO2 Technique Towards Degradation of Reactive Red 4 Dye S.K. Ain, M.S. Azami, R. Zaharudin, F. Bakar, and W.I. Nawawi
0660 Immobilized/P25/DSAT and Immobilized/Kronos/DSAT on Photocatalytic Degradation of Reactive Red 4 under Fluorescent Light M.S. Azami, S.K. Ain, R. Zaharudin, F. Bakar, W.I. Nawawi
0670 Carbon Nitrogen co-doped P25: Parameter study on photodegradation of Reactive Red 4 M.S. Azami, W.I. Nawawi, M.A.M. Ishak, K. Ismail, Z. Ahmad, and Ali H. Jawad
0680 A Comparison Study of New TiO2/PEG Immobilized Techniques under Normal and Visible Light Irradiations R. Zaharudin, S.K. Ain, F. Bakar, M.S. Azami and W.I. Nawawi
0690 A Study on RR4 dye as a Sensitizer in Enhancing Photoactivity of Immobilized Photocatalysts F. Bakar, M.S. Azami, S.K. Ain, R. Zaharudin, and W.I. Nawawi
0710 Emerging Pollutant of Concern: Occurence of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Asia, With Particular Reference to Southeast Asia Countries Nor Haslina Hashim, Muhammad Hafiz Nasir and Muhammad Syamim Ramlee
0790 An Overview Of Organic Waste In Composting Aeslina Abdul Kadir, Nur Wahidah Azhari And Siti Noratifah Jamaludin
0880 The Strength, Leachabilty And Microstructure Characteristics Of Chromium Contaminated Stabilised Sediment Mohammed Kabir Aliyu, Ahmad Tarmizi Abd Karim and Chan Chee Ming
0940 Building Blocks from Petroleum Sludge: Leachability and toxicity studies Johnson O.A, Madzlan N., Kamaruddin
0960 An Overview of Composting Based on Variable Feedstock Material Aeslina Abdul Kadir, Siti Noratifah Jamaludin and Nur Wahidah Azhari
0970 Short Term Prediction Of Pm10 Concentrations Using Seasonal Time Series Analysis Hazrul Abdul Hamid, Ahmad Shukri Yahaya , Nor Azam Ramli, Ahmad Zia Ul-Saufie, Mohd Norazam Yasin
1050 The Effect of Reactive Diluents to the Physical Properties of Acrylated Palm Oil Based Polyutethane Coatings Munirah Onn, Ahmad Faiza Mohd, Mohd Firdaus Yhaya
1210 Photocatalytic Degradation of Humic Acid with Metal-doped TiO2 under Near-Visible Irradiation Ji Yang So, Dong Seok Rhee
1370 Challenges in Selecting a Sustainable Landfill Site in Malaysia Tey Jia Sin, Goh Kai Chen and Goh Hui Hwang
0170 Leadership Quality for Malaysia Construction Leader to Steer a Success Construction Project Nur Ain Ngah Nasaruddin,Ismail Abdul Rahman
0200 Influential Factors in Estimating and Tendering for Construction Work Toh Tien-Choon, Lim Cheng-Sim, Ting Connie, Ali Kherun-Nita, Aliagha Godwin-Uche, Goh Kai-Chen
0240 Prediction of Low Cost Housing Demand in Malaysia Using Arima Model N. Y. Zainun, F. E. Mohamed Ghazali , M. S. Mohd Sallehudin
0310 Assessing the Use of Failure Case Studies in Civil Engineering Education Wael Elleithy, Choong Wee Kang, Lau Teck Leong
0320 Impacts of Past Projects on the Educational Experience of Civil Engineering Students Lau Teck Leonga, Wael Elleithy
0600 Post Disaster Investigation on Wind Damage for Rural Roofing Housing System in Northern Peninsular Malaysia Wan Chik, F.A, Majid, T.A, Zakaria, S.A.S, Deraman, S.N.A, Muhamad, M.K.A, Noram I.Ramli
0620 The Relationship of Stressors and Stress on Injury Incident of Construction Workers in Penang Khairul Ammar Muhd Ali, Muhamad Arif Arshad, Amalina Amirah Abu Bakar and Nor Janna Tammy
0980 Production of Micro Fine Size Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) Pozzolan Using Wind Tunnel Production System Noraini Zainudin, Raudhah Ahmadi and Md. Abdul Mannan
1120 A Conceptual Cost Benefit Analysis of Tailings Matrices Use in Construction Applications Ali A. Mahmood, Maria Elektorowicz
1130 The Insight of Industrialised Building System (IBS) by Bumiputera Construction Players W. M. N. W. Muhammad, M. A. Azman, M. K. F. Othman, N. A. Hadi, S. N. S. Sahimi, M. F. Mohammad
1240 Quantity Surveying Undergraduates’ Awareness on Cost Significant Elements of High-Rise Condominium Projects in Malaysia: The Case of a Private University in Malaysia Lee Wah-Peng, Ng See-Seng, Toh Tien-Choon, Lim Cheng-Sim, Yong Chin-Khian, Goh Kai-Chen
1310 Motivational Factors on Adopting Modular Coordination Concept in Industrialized Building System (IBS) Riduan Yunus, Azeanita Suratkon, Mia Wimala, Hazrul Abdul Hamid and Siti Rahimah Mohd Noor

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